If you’re planning your kid’s next birthday party, school event or community picnic on  budget, Boom Bouncers has you covered. A bounce house is a perfect attraction to any party or event because there’s no set-up, tear-down—we take care of all that.

Below are five bounce house rentals for under $100 or no more than $100. Click the link below each description for more info or to rent that exact bounce house.

The Pop Star Bounce House & Slide – $55 per day
This is a great option for a small party. The Pop Star Bounce House mimics a stage and holds five kids or up to 500 pounds. It comes with a slide on the side and is just $55 per day. It’s an affordable addition to any outdoor party or in combination with any of our other bounce houses. The Pop Star is 15 feet long, 13 feet wide and 8.3 feet high.
More info on the Pop Star Bounce House

The Classic Bounce House – $100 per day
If you’re looking for a classic, old-school bounce house for $100 or less, this is the one to go with. It meshes well with any party theme or school event. It is a fully-enclosed house with classic red, yellow and blue (yea for primary colors!). Its cubical stature measures 14 by 14 by 14 feet and holds up to eight kids or maybe six adults. Total weight capacity is 800 pounds.
More info on the Classic Bounce House

Smiley Bounce House – $100 per day
This tent-like bounce house is great for the littler kiddos and resembles a smiley face. It stands 15 feet by 15 feet, which is a traditional size for a bounce house that fits about six kids at once. If you want to entertain small kids with a bounce house rental for under $100, this one falls right at that price for the day.
More info on the Smiley Bounce House

Spiderman Bounce House – $100 per day
If your kid (or adult) has a super hero-themed party, add the world’s greatest web-slinger. This Spiderman bounce house has a large action image of Spidey on the front. It’s entirely red and blue, and measures 15 by 15 feet.
More info on the Spiderman Bounce House

Royal Castle Bounce House – $100 per day
Add a little flair to the party with this Royal Castle bounce house. It features brick-like towers with a king and queen in the windows. This is a great addition for a princess party. It stands 15 by 15 feet.
More info on the Royal Castle Bounce House

Basketball Jam Bounce House – $100 per day
Throwing a sports-themed party? This Basketball Jam bounce house is the same shape as the Smiley house, but features two basketball players on the front frame. It also measures 15 by 15 feet. Hoop it up inside this affordable bounce house.
More info on the Basketball Jam Bounce House

Rainbow Castle Bounce House – $100 per day
This colorful Rainbow Castle bounce house matches bright, fun colors with a castle shape. It’s a bit smaller than the other bounce houses for $100 or less, but still holds about eight kids at once.
More info on the Rainbow Castle Bounce House

Note: Availability of certain bounce houses and inflatable slides can change. To check availability, go to our Rent Now page, call us at 972-730-0354 or drop us an email at info@new.boombouncers.com