If you’re looking for an awesome inflatable waterslide for a birthday party, sports team party, community event, or even an adult pool party, Boom Bouncers has five of the best inflatable waterslides for rent near Forney, Texas.

Some include dry or water options. All are built tough with reinforced seams to provide extra durability. This provides hours of fun for your kids or adult event. These are different from just regular waterslides, because an inflatable water slide combines the fun of a bounce house.

Note: Availability of certain bounce houses and inflatable slides can change. To check availability, go to our Rent Now page, call us at 972-730-0354 or drop us an email at info@boombounce91.wwwssr11.supercp.com

Inflatable Dolphin WaterslideDolphin Waterslide: This is a great option for kids. It’s one of our smaller inflatable waterslides at 32-by-10-by-16 feet. If features two diving dolphins on either side of the slide. The Dolphin Waterslide is $150 per day.

Blue Wave: This slide has a dry and a water option. The water option is an additional $50, but it’s a terrific option for a mid-size inflatable waterslide. When inflated, the Blue Wave is 25-by-10-by-15 feet.

Rainbow Combo: This colorful slide is popular for kids’ birthday parties and is a true combination of a water slide and inflatable bounce house. Kids can jump and bounce, then dive down the water slide. It also has a dry option for those who don’t want to add water. If you do want to water option, it’s still just $225 per day and can hold up to 600 pounds. The Rainbow Combo fills out at 30-by-11-by-14 feet.

Cool Blue: Like the Blue Wave, this Cool Blue inflatable waterslide is just a slide but has dry and water options. It’s slightly bigger than the Blue Wave at 27-by-11-by-18 feet. It’s a good option for an adult party.

Red Wet Slide: This is the largest inflatable waterslide for rent in our stock. The Red Wet Slide features a small pool at the end and stands at 30-by-15-by-16 feet.