Adding a bounce house or one of our awesome inflatable obstacle courses can be a great attraction to any party or community get-together. Kids and adults can enjoy them, and Boom Bouncers will do all the set-up and take-down for you.

No matter what you want to use the bounce house for, there are some general safety guidelines that are designed to keep everyone safe and having fun. Here is a great bounce house rental safety checklist to go buy so you know what to expect before you rent.

Make sure an adult is present. We all know kids can get kind of crazy, and you want them to have a great time. No matter where you want the bounce house set up, have at least one adult supervising to make sure there are not too many kids in the bounce house at one time and to ensure the kids are getting too wild.

All riders and bouncers should be in the same group. This can be grouping kids by roughly the same size. You don’t want 12-year-olds bouncing with 7-year-olds. A lot of common-sense bounce house safety involves avoiding a bad mix of bouncers. If you have a wide range of ages at your party, try setting times for kids of the same age to bounce together.

Remove shoes and any sharp objects. This may seem obvious, but it can often go overlooked. Removing shoes, glasses and any sharp objects is not only important for not damaging the bounce house, but it also helps prevent injury. Shoes can hurt if they land on someone. Bounce house safety is foremost about keeping you safe and having fun.

Don’t jump in a partially inflated bounce house. Jumping in a partially inflated unit can cause injury. If you notice the bounce house is not fully inflated, check the connection to the blower. If you do notice the unit losing air, have everyone exit the bounce house before checking the connections.

Set bounce house safety rules for kids. The last thing you want at a birthday party is a guest getting injured. This can be easily avoided by setting some simple rules for not wrestling, roughhousing, and not performing things such as flips. Also, make sure kids stay away from the entrance or exit ends of the unit.