22ft circus roller Coaster Dual lane slide


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Zoom Up! Zoom Down! Zoom Upside -Down! The Circus Roller Coaster Dual Lane Wet Dry
Slide features a 22 -foot dual lane slide along with an inflatable landing zone for dry use. This
Roller Coaster Slide will surely take thrill seekers for a wild and fun ride.

Pair this unit with our Circus Obstacle Bounce House for large corporate and community
events. Total combined length of Obstacle Bounce House and Roller Coaster Dual Lane Slide is
75 ft.

Make this a wet unit by simply connecting the garden hose to the internal water bladder
system. The seams are heat sealed throughout the slide areas to minimize water leaking. With
the built-in drain plug, simply remove the water from pool by unplugging the drain. No more
hassle to detach the pool cover. The seams on the slide and pool area are completely sealed to
minimize the water leaking

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Dry or Wet Option

Dry Option, Wet Option (+$50)


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